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Modus Ponens

In between some fairly ruthless moments of militaristic blood-letting the ancient Greeks were responsible for the advent of the nation-state and a great deal of the foundations of epistemology, notably mathematics and deductive logic. One of the most basic and pervasive forms of logic that has persisted for over 2,000 years is the form known as Modus Ponens, which is simply this:

“If XXXXXXXXX, then YYYYYYYYYYY” is a statement, and for our purposes we’ll assume that it is, in fact, true. Accordingly, it is followed by another true premise, “XXXXXXXXXXXX,” so what necessarily must also be true is the third statement,”YYYYYYYYYYYYYY”. We agree that the last one is true due to modus ponens.

MP is so engrained in our way of thinking's, that if one publicly denied MP’s

soundedness, he or she would quickly be denied the status of sanity, and if one disagreed with it, then that person could easily find him/herself in a padded room for OBSERVATION. Despite societal issues, it is hard to imagine anyone arguing against the validity of MP. Hence, my little homage to sanity.

Teacher, part-time Thinker

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Russ Hood

Russ Hood

Teacher, part-time Thinker

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